Radio Discordia 020: - Kid Midi - Internet Selections

Blag Blag Blag
What to do with You Now
Northside Boy [7 Gates of Procrastination]
The Boss is Big
Good Times
The Pill's Revenge
The Hot + Wild Look
Hallucination Apparatus
Upright & Uprooted [Ver-02]
Blag Blag Blag [NESTengu Archade Remix]

"As a live performer, Kid Midi will work his ass off until he wins you over. If it means throwing candy in the crowd for you to catch as if it were Mardi Gras, he will. If it means climbing to the top of a post in a venue he performs in, he will. If it means crowd surfing, he will do that, too. The point is, he will win you over. If you’re into electronica, techno or a staunch rocker somehow what he does appeals equally to those musical factions. To the point where you’ll be wanting to crank up his CDs loudly, just to feel like you were at a Kid Midi show all over again." ~Bret Berhard, LIR

"I saw you at Artmosphere, that was a great show! It was so damned good I didn't even notice I wasn't holding a beer!!" ~Captain Esh Youth, F.S.O.Y.

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