Radio Discordia 031: One-Eyed Doll: The Kimberly Freeman Files Vol 02

One-Eyed Doll by: Kimberly Freeman Productions

One-Eyed Doll is the award-winning Austin, Texas based rock and roll duo led by guitarist and singer Kimberly Freeman. Freeman's wild stage antics, theatrical presentation, tough guitar chops and acrobatic moves have earned her unprecedented recognition in the world's live music capital. Winner of Austin Music Awards “Best Punk Band 2009 & 2010".

From 2007 to 2008 with the release of the debut album, Freeman's small community cult following exploded into a global fan base, setting a new standard for the modern independent guerrilla DIY business structure.

Freeman's songwriting is unrelenting touching on subjects as harrowing as child abuse, social injustice, and love that ends in murder. This intensity is balanced with light-hearted songs like "Beautiful Freak" a love song to her unique fans and "Bumble Bee" about a young girl's first encounter with the seemingly friendly insect. One-Eyed Doll doesn't hesitate to reveal what's on her mind. To contrast the disturbed images of desperation, One-Eyed Doll also stands strong for what she believes. She won't tolerate players, abuse, or hypocritical America.

One-Eyed Doll's albums are available at DISCORDIA Culture Shop, or better still, at one of their many kick-ass live shows.

01 We're One-Eyed Doll
02 Beautiful Freak
03 Scapegoat
04 Break
05 Fight
06 Committed
07 POA!
08 I Love My Little Bus
09 New Orleans
10 Resurrection

One-Eyed Doll - Kimberly Freeman Files-02.mp3


One-Eyed Doll LIVE SHOW OCT 1st Lafayette LA. SOL MUSICA @ Grant Street Dancehall

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