Radio Discordia Guest Podcast: Dj Spooky - on Radio Radio

RADIO RADIO is a sixteen-part series of forty-five minute broadcasts which asks an honest question: Is there really a place on radio for experimentation? Twenty people immersed in radio, sound and performance offer, in their own ways, answers to this question through conversation and the presentation of their work. The series was produced, researched and edited by Martin Spinelli, a radio producer and media critic.

This Episode [#12]:
Paul D. Miller, A.K.A. DJ Spooky, is a writer, visual artist and platinum-selling recording artist. His mixes blend black radio and cartoon soundtracks with vintage recordings of Thomas Edison and manage a rare combination of street credibility and critical sensibility. In this program he discusses "the mix" as culture and as metaphor.

Dj Spooky - on Radio Radio.mp3

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