Radio Discordia Podcast 037: The Lafayette Underground Compilation Vol. 01


We just got done making a 10 track compilation of local underground bands and want you to at least download it and give it a shot.

If you don't feel like downloading it we will be handing these out like mad men for the next few months in hopes of getting people to possibly check out more of what local rock scene is about.

If you want a hardcopy (just a burned disc) of this I will be more than happy to get you one, or even better, if you're willing to help hand these out wherever you go we could use the help.

01. Wazee! by Japan Four
02. I Create Man Haters by The Chatty Cathies
03. Judgements Passed from a Cubicle by Come and Conquer
04. Cold Hands by The Demimonde
05. They Live by Change Today!
06. Freedom by Foul Stench of Youth
07. Cropduster by Acadiana
08. What to do with you know by Kid Midi
09. Pitchers by Mission vs. Madness
10. Fully Clothed, Barely Tap Dancing by Wildfires

The Lafayette Underground Compilation Vol. 1.mp3

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