Radio Discordia Podcast 037: The Lafayette Underground Compilation Vol. 01


We just got done making a 10 track compilation of local underground bands and want you to at least download it and give it a shot.

If you don't feel like downloading it we will be handing these out like mad men for the next few months in hopes of getting people to possibly check out more of what local rock scene is about.

If you want a hardcopy (just a burned disc) of this I will be more than happy to get you one, or even better, if you're willing to help hand these out wherever you go we could use the help.

01. Wazee! by Japan Four
02. I Create Man Haters by The Chatty Cathies
03. Judgements Passed from a Cubicle by Come and Conquer
04. Cold Hands by The Demimonde
05. They Live by Change Today!
06. Freedom by Foul Stench of Youth
07. Cropduster by Acadiana
08. What to do with you know by Kid Midi
09. Pitchers by Mission vs. Madness
10. Fully Clothed, Barely Tap Dancing by Wildfires

The Lafayette Underground Compilation Vol. 1.mp3

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Radio Discordia Guest Podcast: Hour of Slack #1180 - "A Depression Comedy" by Rev. Susie the Floozy

The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry - THE HOUR OF SLACK

"I came not to bring peace, but an obnoxious radio show." -- J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, 1956-ecclesians 6:14.

This is one of the greatest Hours of Slack ever, and it's not even an Hour of Slack. It's Rev. Susie the Floozy's incredible Episode # 740 of "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse from WREK in Atlanta, Georgia, and it's truly one of the most amazing media barrage-style collages we have ever had the orgozmonic psychotronic pleasure to hear. Praise Rev. Susie the Floozy, and the 101 sources from whence she drew. It makes losing everything worth it.

The Hour of Slack is the compendium of the best and newest from all SubGenius™ radio & stage shows, bands, ranters, media barrage collage artists, plus the weirdest of the indie audio underground. Over 1,000 episodes of this jam-packed, samurai-edited juggernaut of raw, untamed SLACK are available.

The Hour of Slack is produced weekly by REV. IVAN STANG (PO Box 181417, Cleveland Hts, Ohio, 44118-1417, USA) -- send tapes or CDs there for possible exploitation. Alternately, you can email stang@subgenius.com with your submissions (if they're under 5 mb or so, per day). Or, post them to alt.binaries.slack on Usenet.

SubGenius Hour of Slack #1180 - "A Depression Comedy".mp3

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Radio Discordia 036: The Kleptones - Live'r Than You'll Ever Be

Live At Bestival - Saturday 8th September 2007

Feedback to eric@kleptones.com is always appreciated.

01 - Precession
02 - See
03 - War Of Confusion
04 - Life In The E-Pro
05 - Black Cocaine
06 - Need You This Way
07 - Cowboy's Delight
08 - Delight Years
09 - Bite
10 - Can't Breathe
11 - Know How Frogs Function
12 - Cymbalicker
13 - Underground Hand
14 - Wayward Beats
15 - Second Hand Volume
16 - Three Girl Bump
17 - Inferno
18 - Hella Phat
19 - Run Outside
20 - Uptight Jet
21 - 22 Grand Hop
22 - Break On Miserlou

The Kleptones - Live'r Than You'll Ever Be.mp3


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Radio Discordia 035: N.A.S.A.

While N.A.S.A. stands for North America/South America and contains a number of superstar artists from both coasts of the U.S., it is about as far from a tension-building geographical showdown as a record can get. Rather, The Spirit of Apollo was born with the righteous goal of bringing people together through music and art, and that is exactly what masterminds Sam Spiegel (Squeak E. Clean) and Ze Gonzales (DJ Zegon) have done.

01 Intro
02 The People Tree
03 Money
04 Way Down
05 Four Rooms, Earth View
06 Spacious Thoughts
07 Gifted
08 N.A.S.A. Anthem


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Radio Discordia 034: DJ Food - Raiding the 20th Century

DJ Food - Raiding the 20th Century - Words & Music Expansion
(starring Paul Morley and a cast of thousands)

'Everything Has To End...'

"On January 18th 2004, Strictly Kev premiered the original 'Raiding The 20th Century' on XFM's 'The Remix' show in London. It was a 40 minute attempt to catalog the history of cut up music - be it avant garde tape manipulation, turntable megamixes or bastard pop mash ups. It rapidly spread throughout the web and managed to cause a full scale server crash on boomselection.info when they hosted it due to the volume of net traffic.

Shortly afterwards he read Paul Morley's recently published book 'Words & Music' and was amazed that certain chapters mirrored parts of his mix. Apart from the fact that the title, 'Raiding the 20th Century' was coined by Morley 20 years before for a future Art of Noise project, he also featured Alvin Lucier, who - purely by chance - was sampled on the opening track of the mix.

Kev decided to expand his idea to make the defnitive document on cut up music including many other parts, omitted by the constraints of the original radio session. After months of further research he tracked Morley down and they recorded passages from 'Words & Music' specially for this mix in an attempt tomarry the two and finish something that neither of them actually started. A year to the day of the original airing, the newly expanded version is ready."

DJ Food - Raiding the 20th Century.mp3

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Radio Discordia Guest Podcast: Dj Spooky - on Radio Radio

RADIO RADIO is a sixteen-part series of forty-five minute broadcasts which asks an honest question: Is there really a place on radio for experimentation? Twenty people immersed in radio, sound and performance offer, in their own ways, answers to this question through conversation and the presentation of their work. The series was produced, researched and edited by Martin Spinelli, a radio producer and media critic.

This Episode [#12]:
Paul D. Miller, A.K.A. DJ Spooky, is a writer, visual artist and platinum-selling recording artist. His mixes blend black radio and cartoon soundtracks with vintage recordings of Thomas Edison and manage a rare combination of street credibility and critical sensibility. In this program he discusses "the mix" as culture and as metaphor.

Dj Spooky - on Radio Radio.mp3

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Radio Discordia 033: Foul Stench Of Youth - Early Demos

Local Punk/Surf Favorites from Lafayette LA.

01 Your Head
02 What the World Needs Now
03 Just A Girl
04 Shot Gun
05 Tower
06 Freedom
07 The End Is Near
08 NRG

Foul Stench Of Youth - Early Demos.mp3

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Radio Discordia 032: RIAA - Sounds For The Space-Set

RIAA (Robotic Intergalactic Astro-Artists)
Sounds For The Space-Set

Mash-up album of Moogs, children's records, ill beats, Salvador Dali, lounge, disco, surf, scientists, scratchy old novelty records, and at least one theremin. Jean-Jacques Perrey, Dick Hyman, Kraftwerk and Brian Eno get it on with Frank Sinatra, Queen, Beastie Boys, and David Bowie. Robot servants mix cocktails for Sun Ra, Esquivel, and Bruce Haack in the observation deck of the space cruise ship heading towards the domed city of Las Vegas, Mars.

"If you find Earth boring..."
01. Lift Off: Sun Ra "Outerspaceways, Inc," Four Tops "I Can't Help Myself," David Bowie "Space Oddity," Sun Ra Moog solo

"Our first stop will be the International Space Station..."
02. Follow The Planet Man: Mort Garson "Walking In Space," Eric B & Rakim "Follow The Leader," "Planet Man" (old-time radio)

"Be sure to visit the Meatier Steakhouse..."
03. Shining Sun Flash: Moog Machine "Jumpin' Jack Flash," Tom Glazer "Why Does The Sun Shine?," Earth Wind & Fire "Shining Star"

04. Telstar Will Go On-Let It Whip It: Joe Meek & The Tornadoes "Telsar," Celine Dion "The Heart Will Go On," Devo "Whip It," Dazz Band "Let It Whip"

05. Antenna Rock/StroboNews: Kraftwerk "Antenna," Queen "We Will Rock You," Dick Hyman "Strobo"

"There is a rave in the discotheque..."
06. Why Don't You Psych-Out?: Pierre Henry "Psych Rock" (Fatboy Slim remix)," The All-Night Workers "Why Don't You Smile Now," radio ad

07. ttiippssyy: Tipsy "Hey!" (Messur Chups remix) vs "Tipsy" by J-Kwon

08. Salvador Dali Teaches Rex Harrison How To Say 'Butterfly': Dick Hyman "The Moog and Me," Salvador Dali interview, Chicks on Speed "Wordy Rappinghood"

"We have planned a Lunar Party..."
09. Pon de Re-Entry to the Moon: Jean Jacques Perrey and Harry Breuer "Re-Entry To The Moon," Rihanna "'Pon De Replay," "Bobby & Betty go to the Moon"

10. Mechanical Robot Man: Bent Bolt & The Mechanics "Mechanical Man," Daft Punk "Robot Rock"

11. Robo-Spies Must Die!!: Forrest J. Ackerman "Music For Robots," Los Straightjackets "Squad Car"

12. Lunar Luau: Marty Gold/Walter Sear "Good Night," Frank Sinatra "Fly Me To The Moon," Portishead "Wandering Star," drums: John Bonham, fake Portishead bass synth: Mr Fab

13. Bonnie & Clyde In Orbit: Jean Jacques Perrey "E.V.A." (Fatboy Slim remix), Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg "Bonnie & Clyde," tbc!

"...the domed city of Las Vegas, Mars..."
14. Intergalactic Centerfold: John Keating's Space Experience, Beastie Boys "Intergalactic,"
J. Geils Band "Centerfold," beats: Mrs. Crackburn!

15. OK Robot (remix)/Wendy and Delia: Bruce Haack "OK Robot,"
Wendy Carlos "Musique Concrete plus synthesizer," Delia Derbyshire
"Chromophone Band," "Moogies Bloogies"

16. Virginia's Tears: Roxy Music w/Brian Eno "Virginia Plain," Smokey Robinson "Tracks of My Tears,"
Eno synth: Nico "Innocent and Vain"

17. The Wonder Is All Around Us: Vangelis "Alpha," Dr. Michael Shermer and James Randi interview
("Skepticality" podcast interview), Ken Nordine "Satellite"

18. Rewind Lady Rewind: Claude Denjean "Lay Lady Lady," Cylob "Rewind"

"We now blast off into Deep Space..."
19. Star Trek To Nowhere: Universal Robot Band "Disco Trek (Star Trek theme)," Ella Fitzgerald "Out Of Nowhere," Cosmos "Summer In Space"

robo-narrator, additional beats and fx: RIAA

RIAA - Sounds For The Space-Set.mp3

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Radio Discordia 031: One-Eyed Doll: The Kimberly Freeman Files Vol 02

One-Eyed Doll by: Kimberly Freeman Productions

One-Eyed Doll is the award-winning Austin, Texas based rock and roll duo led by guitarist and singer Kimberly Freeman. Freeman's wild stage antics, theatrical presentation, tough guitar chops and acrobatic moves have earned her unprecedented recognition in the world's live music capital. Winner of Austin Music Awards “Best Punk Band 2009 & 2010".

From 2007 to 2008 with the release of the debut album, Freeman's small community cult following exploded into a global fan base, setting a new standard for the modern independent guerrilla DIY business structure.

Freeman's songwriting is unrelenting touching on subjects as harrowing as child abuse, social injustice, and love that ends in murder. This intensity is balanced with light-hearted songs like "Beautiful Freak" a love song to her unique fans and "Bumble Bee" about a young girl's first encounter with the seemingly friendly insect. One-Eyed Doll doesn't hesitate to reveal what's on her mind. To contrast the disturbed images of desperation, One-Eyed Doll also stands strong for what she believes. She won't tolerate players, abuse, or hypocritical America.

One-Eyed Doll's albums are available at DISCORDIA Culture Shop, or better still, at one of their many kick-ass live shows.

01 We're One-Eyed Doll
02 Beautiful Freak
03 Scapegoat
04 Break
05 Fight
06 Committed
07 POA!
08 I Love My Little Bus
09 New Orleans
10 Resurrection

One-Eyed Doll - Kimberly Freeman Files-02.mp3


One-Eyed Doll LIVE SHOW OCT 1st Lafayette LA. SOL MUSICA @ Grant Street Dancehall

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Radio Discordia 030: Magical Beautiful - Not Building A Wall But Making A Brick

Obsessed with live sound manipulation, Magical Beautiful (Chicago, IL) are peerless in their cosmic exploration of dub reggae, motorik & synth pop. Though the music is unique, it feels natural, whether its a ten-minute jam that's been meticulously studio-ed for years or an evening-long set of full group electro-acoustic improvisation. Theirs is the sound that appears between wake and sleep.

Led by Tyson Torstensen's keyboard wizardry and striking baritone, Magical Beautiful’s songwriting follows the magic realism of dreams, exploring memories of strange, religious ceremony; tourism; family; and cultural defamation.

NICK BROSTE - organs, trombone, engineering, etc.
TYSON TORSTENSEN - vocals, keyboards, beats, words, production, etc.
CHARLES "CHARLIE" VINZ - stringed instruments, backing vocals, etc.
ALANCE WARD - drums, perc, melodica, etc.

From the liner notes:
All elements of all songs (excluding the songs recorded at Empty Bottle & Beat Kitchen) were improvised and recorded in real-time with no overdubs (except on Chagall's Green).



Magical Beautiful - Not Building A Wall But Making A Brick.mp3

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Radio Discordia 028: Elevator to Hell [selections]

Elevator is a band from Moncton, New Brunswick; Canada. Started in 1994 as Elevator To Hell, a solo outlet for Eric's Trip lead man Rick White, the project eventually grew to include Eric's Trip drummer Mark Gaudet and White's ex-wife Tara on bass. The band mainly produces hauntingly lo-fi psychedelia.

These Tracks come from Elevator to Hell Part 01 LP, which actually contains 18 tracks.

01 Roger and the Hair
02 Why I Didnt Like August 93
03 Everything Made More Sense
04 Mr Sun
05 Morning Clouds
06 Merciful Fate
07 Let Yourself Glide & Emptily Die
08 Physically Unaddictive Mind Change
09 Train From You
10 Clearly, See Me

[SubPop records, long out of print, and I actually own it! -ED]

Elevator to Hell [selections].mp3

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Radio Discordia 028: Charles Manson - Live At San Quentin

An hour of songs and improvisation recorded at the California Medical Facility (CMF) at Vacaville in Manson's jail cell, 1983. Cover art apes the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds"

Inside cover sleevenotes: "Mr and Mrs America - You are wrong. I am not the king of the Jews nor am I a hippie cult leader. I am what you have made me and the mad dog devil killer fiend leper is a reflection of your society...Whatever the outcome of this madness that you call a fair trial or Christian justice, you can know this: In my mind's eye my thoughts light fires in your cities."

From the sleevenotes: "Due to the unconventional nature of this recording a conventional tracklisting is unsuitable. Track separation is provided at regular intervals to enable the listener to locate a particular segment."

01 Boxcar Willie And Big Bad Joe
02 Television Mind
03 Marylin Monroe Was My Childhood Shame
04 Instrumental
05 And As I Told You On This Chord Once Before
06 So As The Hour Goes On That I Will Spend With You
07 I Got A Tough Bastard Child Want To Become Into A Samurai
08 So Today Has Been A Good Day
09 My Name Is Sam McGee
10 Take Me To The Summer Road
11 My Feelings Begin To Grow
12 And I'd Like To Say Hello To Some Of My Friends
13 So The Mood Was Broken
14 [Bonus Song] Look at Your Game Girl

[The last track is a professional recording made before Charles was incarcerated for the 'Manson Family Murders' it is included here in juxtaposition to his prison tapes. This is done to display the stark contrast between different periods of his life. Upon hearing the last track on cant help but wonder what kind of contributions to the music world Charles could have made had his life continued on the path that didnt lead to life in prison.-ED]

Charles Manson - Live At San Quentin.mp3

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Radio Discordia 027: MOON8 - 8-Bit Pink Floyd by Brad Smith

Have you ever wondered what Dark Side of the Moon would sound like if Pink Floyd had written it for NES, instead of for a rock band?

When videogame producer Brad Smith was a kid, he noticed something about his parents’ old vinyl copy of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon: The pulsing, looping, synthesized sounds of tunes like “On the Run” sounded like they’d come straight out of the videogames he was obsessed with. “It surprised me to hear something that sounded close to my games coming from my parents’ stereo”

Now Smith, 27, has put the finishing touches on MOON8, a cover version of the entire album created with instruments that mimic the sound hardware of the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. Smith’s offbeat riff on rock gospel belongs to the chiptune sub-genre of electronic music. Such songs are produced on the audio chips of retro electronics, or in software that emulates the old-school hardware.

Listen to MOON8 and you’ll feel the soul of the decades-old songs come alive through Smith’s machine-made sounds.

Side One
01 Speak to Me
02 Breathe
03 On the Run
04 Time
05 Breathe Reprise
06 The Great Gig in the Sky

Side Two
07 Money
08 Us And Them
09 Any Colour You Like
10 Brain Damage
11 Eclipse

MOON8 - by Brad Smith.mp3


Huge thanks for Famitracker, which was used to sequence the whole thing. The sound was rendered with NSFplug. Final editing was done with Audacity. No expansion chips were used; this album works entirely within the limits of the standard North American NES.

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Radio Discordia 026: Steinski – What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006

What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective is the first and only official Steinski collection.

Issued on 2CD by Illegal Art Records on a compilation of Stein's work entitled "What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective", which Spin Magazine listed as the #1 reissue of 2008. The collection also received a rating of 8.7 from Pitchfork, and 4 stars from Rolling Stone.

Steve Stein is one of the most influential producers in hiphop, sampling, and cut & paste. Known simply as Steinski, his legendary mixes with Double Dee, “The Lessons,” are cited as definitive influences by DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and Fatboy Slim, among others.

Soon entering the political realm, where Steinski would prove himself something of an irreverent, rabblerousing newsman, arguably his most potent incarnation. It began with 1986’s “The Motorcade Sped On,” a strangely giddy documentary of JFK’s assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald’s subsequent slaying. A certain chronological disconnect from the event makes the track’s party-ready feel easier to stomach, placing it in stark contrast with the desolate ambient creep of “Number Three on Flight Eleven,” which stitches together phone calls by passengers on the hijacked plane bound for the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

Too many of today’s mash-up artists and DJs have spent entire careers shooting for the amusing without touching on anything profound or lasting that will tickle a nerve twenty years down the road. Though there are exceptions to this rule, most similar artists miss out on that weight-adding extra dimension where Steinski flourished—prodding, heckling, and tickling his audio subjects into socially relevant investigations still completely ass-shakeable.

01. Lesson 1 - The Payoff Mix
02. Lesson 2 (James Brown Mix)
03. Lesson 3 (History Of Hip Hop)
04. Jazz
05. Voice Mail (Sugar Hill Suite)
06. The Motorcade Sped On
07. It's Up To You (Television Mix)
08. I'm Wild About That Thing
09. The Big Man Laughs
10. Vox Apostolica
11. Is We Going Under?
12. Ain't No Thing
13. Everything's Disappeared
14. Number Three On Flight Eleven

Steinski – What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006.mp3

[We are only airing Disc 01 at this time, find the album on Illegal-Art.net - ED]

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Radio Discordia 025: Winterphonic – Spirals

The music of Winterphonic reflects a transformative process of decomposition and rearrangement. The diversity of fragile sounds and voice melt to a meta-morphic sound-scape. Winterphonic was founded as a trio in 2004, a first EP was released at the viennese label cracked an egg records. With a new musical formation (Emanuel Jauk, Adina Camhy) new influences came together. After some time of working, some releases on different compilations and many concerts played, the new album spirals emerged. The album spirals, in its high grade of heterogeneity, reflects the way Winterphonic are working. The intention was to make this process transparent to the listeners on the one hand- on the other, the ten tracks still give the impression of a coherent musical experience.

Winterphonic – Spirals.mp3

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Austria

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Radio Discordia 024: djBC - The Beastles

"My mash-ups were made for fun, and as a demonstration of my remixing abilities. The copyright to these source recordings is retained by the original copyright holder." -djBC

1. Whatcha Want, Lady?
2. Tripper Trouble
3. Mother Nature's Rump
4. I Feel Fine Right Now
5. Sure-Bla-Di Shot-Bla-Da
6. Mad World Forever
7. Word To The Mic
8. Root Down Reprise
9. Hold It Together Now

djBC - The Beastles.mp3

Very hard to come by, being offline for quite sometime now -ED

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Radio Discordia 023: - The FireSign Theatre - I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus

The fourth comedy recording made by The Firesign Theatre, released in 1971.

Clem, boards the bus and takes an open seat next to one of many bozos on the bus, such as his future companion Barney. The bus soon resumes its journey and proceeds to its final destination: the Future Fair, a free World's Fair-like exhibit comparing the past and future.

Once there, Clem joins other tourists in various interactive exhibits, which finally lead to the "President of the United States", a computer given a voice reminiscent of then-President Richard Nixon. When Clem reaches the front of the line, he turns out to know the right things to say to the computer to break through its defenses and ask questions it can't answer, finally causing the "President" to shut down. When this attack fails to bring down the Fair's main computer system, Clem creates a holographic image of himself and sends it in to electronically confront the master computer, "Dr. Memory". Clem is one of the first "computer hackers" mentioned in pop culture.

The FireSign Theatre - I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus.mp3

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Radio Discordia 022: - Noam Chomsky - Propaganda and the Public Mind

Noam Chomsky is one of the world's leading intellectuals, father of modern linguistics, outspoken media and foreign policy critic and tireless activist.

"There's no doubt that one of the major issues of twentieth century history, surely in the US, is corporate propaganda. . . Its goal from the beginning, perfectly openly and consciously, was to 'control the public mind,' as they put it. The reason was that the public mind was seen as the greatest threat to corporations"--Noam Chomsky

This lecture provides and introduction to Chomsky's key thinking on the media and propaganda, and their pivotal role in the relentless class struggle being waged daily.

Chomsky sheds light on the corrupt system we have now - one that the rich and powerful have rigged in their favor. Explains the role of Big Media and the abuse of their power. YOU deserve to hear what he has to say.

Noam Chomsky - Propaganda and the Public Mind.mp3

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Radio Discordia 021: - The Integral - Campaign Songs

The world's sole superpower holds an election to decide the fate of the planet. Two men, both Yale-educated, are facing off in one of the most contentious campaigns in their nation's history. And an influential Congressional staffer releases an album called simply Campaign Songs under the pseudonym "the integral" to protect his identity.

01 I'm George W. Bush
02 Reagan80
03 Pundit
04 General
05 Carter76
06 Clinton
07 Nixon60
08 Swindle
09 Recollection
10 222Clinton
11 Bear in the Woods
12 Busing


The Integral - Campaign Songs.mp3

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Radio Discordia 020: - Kid Midi - Internet Selections

Blag Blag Blag
What to do with You Now
Northside Boy [7 Gates of Procrastination]
The Boss is Big
Good Times
The Pill's Revenge
The Hot + Wild Look
Hallucination Apparatus
Upright & Uprooted [Ver-02]
Blag Blag Blag [NESTengu Archade Remix]

"As a live performer, Kid Midi will work his ass off until he wins you over. If it means throwing candy in the crowd for you to catch as if it were Mardi Gras, he will. If it means climbing to the top of a post in a venue he performs in, he will. If it means crowd surfing, he will do that, too. The point is, he will win you over. If you’re into electronica, techno or a staunch rocker somehow what he does appeals equally to those musical factions. To the point where you’ll be wanting to crank up his CDs loudly, just to feel like you were at a Kid Midi show all over again." ~Bret Berhard, LIR

"I saw you at Artmosphere, that was a great show! It was so damned good I didn't even notice I wasn't holding a beer!!" ~Captain Esh Youth, F.S.O.Y.

Radio Discordia 020: Kid Midi - Internet Selections.mp3

Kid Midi Myspace

Kid Midi Facebook

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Radio Discordia 019: PSI COM

Psi Com was an American gothic rock band of the mid-1980s. Prominent in the underground Los Angeles music scene, the group is noted for being the first band of the acclaimed vocalist Perry Farrell who went on to achieve greater fame in the band Jane's Addiction as well as the band Porno for Pyros and Satellite Party. He also founded Lollapalooza, the well known alternative music festival.

The band consisted of Perry Farrell (lead vocalist) , Aaron Sherer (drums and percussion), Vince Duran (lead guitarist), and Kelly Wheeler (bass).

01 Xiola
02 Psi Com Theme
03 Ho Ka Hey
04 City of 9 Gates
05 Human Condition
06 Hopeful
07 Winds

Radio Discordia 019: PSI COM.mp3

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Radio Discordia 018: T.A.Z. - Hakim Bey and Bill Laswell

T.A.Z. [Temporary Autonomous Zone] Anti-Copyright 1992

Explorations of the political, the personal, the social, and the metaphysical from writer and spoken word artist Hakim Bey. A meld with musical terrorist Bill Laswell.

Bey advocates nearly everything, including creating free states for like-minded cabals and collectives. He recommends marginalized groups form secret societies and concludes with a lengthy piece on boycotting cop culture. Musique concrete cloaks his words in an eerily seductive melange of avant-garde noise and ambient music. But the sounds are almost immaterial. Bey's words are the primary focus of this disc.

A swirling, surreal vertigo of information and methods for "escape", woven with the kind of airy tones and hallucinatory rhythms that Laswell has been playing with lately, Bey's voice calms and prepares the listener for an age where missing information and the icons of late capitalist high-tech correspond with an increasing alienation of this "X-generation"'s most primitive needs. Most of all, Bey doesn't come across as a cheesy, overzealous, visionary bard, but presents us with ideas point-blank, allowing us to be choosy in aiming our own forms of poetic terrorism against those forces that attempt to suppress and homogenize humility and free thought.

01 Chaos
02 Poetic Terrorism
03 Amour Fou
04 Immediatism
05 The Tong
06 Boycott Cop Culture

Published by Axiom Records 1994

T.A.Z. - Hakim Bey and Bill Laswell.mp3

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Radio Discordia 017: The Kleptones - Yoshimi Battles the HipHop Robots

Behold, and observe... "Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots"

Yoshimi Battles the Hip-Hop Robots is a 2003 bastard pop album by The Kleptones. It combines instrumental tracks from The Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots with vocal tracks from Eminem, 50 Cent, Dead Prez, Pharcyde, The Beastie Boys, Missy Elliott, Blackalicious, Busta Rhymes, Martin Luther King, Jr., Public Enemy, Q-Tip, The Streets, Eric B & Rakim, and Bill Hicks.

Fight In The Club
Song Of The Hip-Hop Robots
Sympathy For The Almighty
Love Song For Yoshimi
Battle Sequence
My People Feel That Way In The Morning
Chess Game At The Gates Of Hell
Are You A Visionary?
Breathe In The Summertime
Have You Come To Realize
All We Have Is Soul
Last Words (A Tribute)

The Kleptones - Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots.mp3

BANNED!!! No longer online!

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