Radio Discordia 007 - Hardkiss - Delusions of Grandeur

Hardkiss: Delusions of Grandeur
Original Release Date: April 17, 1995

Scott, Gavin and Robbie, the Hardkiss brothers, ruled the underground San Francisco club scene during the 1990s with a mixture of acid, trance and breakbeat techno. World-class DJs all, the brothers also run their own Hardkiss label, releasing material as themselves plus myriad other artists, including Rabbit in the Moon and Scott's God Within project.

It was Scott and Gavin who formed the group in the early '90s after experiencing Britain's 1989 Summer of Love first hand while studying in Europe. Returning to the States, the two began promoting and organizing massive raves on the East Coast, but later moved out to San Francisco to share the vibe with the West as well. Hooking up with old friend Robbie and christening themselves Hardkiss, the trio began recording material for their eponymous label. Though few releases appeared on anything other than vinyl, the label compilation Delusions of Grandeur serves as a good primer to the Hardkiss sound.

01 Out of Body Experience - Rabbit in the Moon
02 Drums Are Dangerous (Drugs Are Dangerous) - The Drum Club
03 Raincry (Spiritual Thrist) - God Within
04 Phoenix [Riverandrain] - God Within
05 Top Secret Song by ??? - Hardkiss
06 Out of Body Experience [Burning Spear] - Rabbit in the Moon
07 Phoenix [Throw Your Guns Edit] - God Within
08 3 Nudes (Having Sex on Acid) - Hawke

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