Radio Discordia Podcast 010: Elvis Of Letters - WS Burroughs & Gus Van Sant

Just four tracks of old-school Burroughs sound-bites (cut up, even!) over guitar/drum/bass folky jazziness by Van Sant the future filmmaker. Unlike most of the work WSB did with Bill Laswell et al., these are less about the content of his writing and more about its effects. They demonstrate cut-ups and repetition and inching and can launch endless psycho-sensory experimentation. The man's voice lends itself remarkably well to musical accompaniment, even when cut-up - it's amazing that any kind of verbal flow can remain after cut-and-paste, much less normal-sounding speech! You've never heard anything like this before, though it seems as familiar as a remembered dream.

1. Burroughs Break
2. Word Is Virus
3. Millions Of Images
4. The Hipster Be-Bop Junkie

Elvis Of Letters - WS Burroughs & GusVanSant.mp3

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