Radio Discordia 015: This Living Hand - The TV Sounds Worried

Mississippi's contribution to '90s slowcore, This Living Hand played haunting, downbeat songs that evoke a 3 a.m. of the soul. Founded by childhood friends Neilson Hubbard and Clay Jones (later joined by violinist Helen Lamb). After adding drummer Garrison Starr, the band recorded 'Consolation Prize' at Memphis' legendary Easley Studios.

After a short tour with Jack Logan, the band cut The TV Sounds Worried. While retaining the narcoleptic drift of Consolation Prize, the songs are more focused and structured (check out "Copilot" or the sublime "Astronaut"). Jones' sensurround production and Hubbard's Dean Wareham-on-ludes warble are both showcased to dazzling effect. A lost classic, The TV Sounds Worried went unissued even after promotional copies were circulated in advance of its scheduled release.

This Living Hand - The TV Sounds Worried.mp3

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