Radio Discordia 026: Steinski – What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006

What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective is the first and only official Steinski collection.

Issued on 2CD by Illegal Art Records on a compilation of Stein's work entitled "What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective", which Spin Magazine listed as the #1 reissue of 2008. The collection also received a rating of 8.7 from Pitchfork, and 4 stars from Rolling Stone.

Steve Stein is one of the most influential producers in hiphop, sampling, and cut & paste. Known simply as Steinski, his legendary mixes with Double Dee, “The Lessons,” are cited as definitive influences by DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and Fatboy Slim, among others.

Soon entering the political realm, where Steinski would prove himself something of an irreverent, rabblerousing newsman, arguably his most potent incarnation. It began with 1986’s “The Motorcade Sped On,” a strangely giddy documentary of JFK’s assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald’s subsequent slaying. A certain chronological disconnect from the event makes the track’s party-ready feel easier to stomach, placing it in stark contrast with the desolate ambient creep of “Number Three on Flight Eleven,” which stitches together phone calls by passengers on the hijacked plane bound for the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

Too many of today’s mash-up artists and DJs have spent entire careers shooting for the amusing without touching on anything profound or lasting that will tickle a nerve twenty years down the road. Though there are exceptions to this rule, most similar artists miss out on that weight-adding extra dimension where Steinski flourished—prodding, heckling, and tickling his audio subjects into socially relevant investigations still completely ass-shakeable.

01. Lesson 1 - The Payoff Mix
02. Lesson 2 (James Brown Mix)
03. Lesson 3 (History Of Hip Hop)
04. Jazz
05. Voice Mail (Sugar Hill Suite)
06. The Motorcade Sped On
07. It's Up To You (Television Mix)
08. I'm Wild About That Thing
09. The Big Man Laughs
10. Vox Apostolica
11. Is We Going Under?
12. Ain't No Thing
13. Everything's Disappeared
14. Number Three On Flight Eleven

Steinski – What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006.mp3

[We are only airing Disc 01 at this time, find the album on Illegal-Art.net - ED]

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