Radio Discordia 028: Elevator to Hell [selections]

Elevator is a band from Moncton, New Brunswick; Canada. Started in 1994 as Elevator To Hell, a solo outlet for Eric's Trip lead man Rick White, the project eventually grew to include Eric's Trip drummer Mark Gaudet and White's ex-wife Tara on bass. The band mainly produces hauntingly lo-fi psychedelia.

These Tracks come from Elevator to Hell Part 01 LP, which actually contains 18 tracks.

01 Roger and the Hair
02 Why I Didnt Like August 93
03 Everything Made More Sense
04 Mr Sun
05 Morning Clouds
06 Merciful Fate
07 Let Yourself Glide & Emptily Die
08 Physically Unaddictive Mind Change
09 Train From You
10 Clearly, See Me

[SubPop records, long out of print, and I actually own it! -ED]

Elevator to Hell [selections].mp3

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