Radio Discordia: Special Edition - The Groupies

The Groupies Iris Music Group IMG-285 Produced by Alan Lorber

Six Groupies: Conversations that took place in a Manhattan recording studio in May, 1969. During a 12 hour session they describe a lifestyle of star-f*cking. Rock 'n' roll was changing, a society growing up.

Just how does a groupie begin? When does the transition from screaming teeny-bopper to full fledged live-in come about?

An exchange of identities for sex. Genet? DeSade? Nightmarish? The private-innards of the rock-machine? Go-go gossip? The hidden side of innocence? They talk about each other talkin' 'bout friends. Jim, Janis, Jimmy, an eulogy? Erotica? Neurotica? Sex-ethic? Sexual-politic crap-status?

A one of a kind. A chronicle. A diary. A scrap-book of the turbulent 60's.


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