Radio Discordia presents: Dean Grey - American Edit

Australian mash-up artist 'Team9' and San Franciso bootie member 'Party Ben' are 'Dean Gray'

1 American Jesus
--i. American Edit
--(parts 1 and 2)
--ii. Jesus' Tears
--iii. Summer of the Damned
--iv. Suburban Ring
--v. It's Like That
2 Dr. Who on Holiday
3 Boulevard of Broken Songs
4 The Bad Homecoming (Waiting)
5 St. Jimmy the Prankster
6 Novocaine Rhapsody
7 Impossible Rebel
8 Ashanti’s Letterbomb
9 Greenday Massacre
10 Whatsername (Susanna Hoffs)
11 Boulevard of Broken Songs (Dance Mix '05)

American Edit is a mashup album released by Party Ben and team9 under the shared alias Dean Gray. Its primary basis is the Green Day album American Idiot — the name "Dean Gray" is a spoonerism of "Green Day".

As an internet-only release with no intent of commercial gain, Dean Gray asked fans who enjoyed the album to donate to charities that Green Day have been known to support. Nevertheless, only 10 days after its November 18, 2005 release, the American Edit website was shut down, reportedly after receiving a cease and desist order from Green Day's label, Warner Records, despite the fact that Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong expressed an interest after hearing "Boulevard of Broken Songs" on the radio.

As a protest against the shutdown, a fan-organized event referred to as "Dean Gray Tuesday" (an intended evocation of 2004's Grey Tuesday) was staged on December 13, 2005. The album was hosted on a number of participating websites as torrents, direct MP3 downloads or ZIP archives. Video clips of "Dr. Who on Holiday", "American Jesus" and "Boulevard of Broken Songs" were also made available. The shutdown and protest contributed to international press coverage beyond the music industry.

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Dean Grey - American Edit.mp3

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